The role of a mental health nurse

Monday, September 18, 2023

Mental health nurses play a vital role in the care adults and children receive. They specialise in delivering recovery focused person-centred care and support to individuals with a range of complex mental health conditions.

Mental health nurses excel in enabling people with mental health needs to regain their skills and confidence whilst being autonomous and making informed decisions around the care they receive so they can achieve their long-term goals and aspirations.



What is the role of a mental health nurse?

The role of a mental health nurse is to deliver person-centred care and support to individuals with complex mental health conditions and enable them to achieve personal goals, learn new hobbies and take trips into the community.

At Thornbury Community Services, we have a dedicated Mental Health Service that supports adults and children with the most complex mental health conditions in the community. To learn more about the positive impact our service makes, read 18-year-old Maddie’s journey with TCS.



What are the responsibilities of a mental health nurse?  

The responsibilities of a registered mental health nurse (RMN) can often change to ensure the client’s care is tailored to their current medical and emotional needs. Working as a TCS RMN nurse, you will work collaboratively with our mental health support workers by:

  • Ensuring evidence-based support is taking place in our client’s care
  • Monitoring the client’s physical and mental health
  • Completing MAR charts when required
  • Being clinically accountable for assessments, planning and interventions
  • Conducting medication administration
  • Creating and reviewing plans and interventions that reduce harm or risks from happening
  • Encouraging the client to carry out tasks and hobbies they are able to complete safely



What is the salary of a mental health nurse?

The salary of a mental health nurse at Thornbury Community Services is £40.97 - £51.48 per hour. Depending on the shifts you work, the clients you care for and care setting you work in can determine your hourly rate and salary.



How can a mental health nurse progress in their career? 

There are many opportunities for progression when working as a mental health nurse, let’s take a look at how you can progress in your mental health nursing career.


Mental health nurse managerial roles

Working as a mental health nurse at Thornbury Community Services (TCS) you can progress to a managerial role as a clinical lead where you will oversee multiple client care packages to ensure they receive person-centred care with the support of our nurses and support workers.


Mental health nurse care settings

As well as career progression, you can also change the healthcare setting you work in to expand your skills and experience. For example, you could transition from an acute hospital setting to working in the community as a community mental health nurse. Your role and responsibilities working as a community nurse will be different to working in a hospital as you will be working closely with one to several clients and utilising your RMN skills and expertise to support them in achieving personal goals, learning new hobbies and taking trips into the community.


Continual professional development (CPD) training

Working as a community mental health nurse at TCS, you will gain access to our online Wellbeing and Support Hub which contains an extensive continual professional development (CPD) course library where you can find a range of topical training courses to book relating to your CPD and professional development.

If you’re interested in joining TCS as a mental health nurse, take a look at our latest jobs in your area.



Key skills and qualities of mental health nurses

The key skills and qualities of mental health nurses are exceptional clinical skills, strong communication skills and the ability to be autonomous. Working as a community mental health nurse, you will need to demonstrate and develop certain skills and qualities to excel in your nursing career and deliver the best possible care to your clients. Read our list of the top skills and qualities needed to be a great community nurse.



What makes a great mental health nurse?

One of our very own mental health clinical leads, Natasha, who is also a registered mental health nurse, tells us what she believes makes a great mental health nurse.

“Working as a Mental Health Clinical Lead at Thornbury Community Services, I am responsible for managing our clients care and ensuring they receive high-quality bespoke care and support from our mental health nurses and support workers.

To be a great mental health nurse, I believe you should aim to work collaboratively with the client, their family and wider support networks to encourage effective relationship building and enable recovery whilst enhancing the client's quality of life through the delivery of person-centred care.”



Mental health nursing jobs with Thornbury Community Services (TCS)

We’re always looking for passionate mental health nurses to join our team and deliver care to more individuals in the community.

If you’d like to join TCS, complete the form below or contact our dedicated Resourcing Recruitment Team via phone: 0333 323 3762 or click the button to email them.

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