Working as a community clinical lead at Thornbury Community Services (TCS)

Our community clinical leads play a vital role in our clients' lives by overseeing the care and support they receive whilst helping them reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals and aspirations.



A typical working day as a clinical lead

Working as a community clinical lead at TCS, you can expect visits to clients' homes, clinical reviews, team meetings and clinical documentation reviews. You may conduct supervisions and behavioural data evaluation, and intervention development as well. The role of a clinical lead is client-facing, so there are opportunities to build professional working relationships with the clients, their families and the healthcare professionals.

A community clinical lead’s responsibilities: 

  • You will be responsible for providing direct support to staff teams, candidate education and skill competency development 
  • Attend meetings with healthcare professionals, family members and internal teams
  • Conducting initial assessments of our clients’ needs to inform the package preparation process
  • Development of clinical documentation 
  • Building and maintaining professional and meaningful relationships with clients, their families and healthcare professionals

What to expect when visiting a client’s home

When our community clinical leads visit our clients, one of the first things they check is the client's general wellbeing to make sure they are happy and content with everything taking place in their home. 

They will also ensure the nurses and support workers are receiving the support they need to deliver person-centred care to our clients.

As well as directly engaging with clients and staff teams within their homes and community, you will observe how they interact with each other. This will involve assessing their body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and activity engagement to establish a sense of the client’s “comfort” within our care.

Your team

To ensure you and everyone in your team is getting the support or guidance you need. Regular meetings and catch-ups take place so everyone is up to date with client information, any changes to packages of care and changes within the business. The meetings allow you to spend quality time with the different people in our clinical team and senior management. 

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