Thornbury Community Services (TCS) has community mental health nurse jobs and vacancies available for passionate RMN nurses. We recruit RMN nurses with community care or hospital care experience who have worked for hospitals, care providers and mental health nursing agencies previously in the UK.


Community mental health nurse jobs at TCS

View our latest community mental health nurse job vacancies in your area below or keep reading to find out more about our TCS mental health nurse jobs and what to expect working in our Mental Health Service.



What to expect working as an RMN nurse at TCS?

Joining TCS as a community mental health nurse means you’ll become an integral part of our client’s lives. You’ll get to utilise your RMN nurse skills and expertise to make informed clinical decisions and deliver ‘Outstanding’ CQC-rated care to our clients, ensuring they’re able to meet milestones and develop their independence in the community.   

Within the role, you’ll deliver person-centred care to those with complex mental health conditions. You’ll focus on enabling people to regain their skills and confidence whilst supporting them to make autonomous decisions under your supervision.


Mental health nurse role and responsibilities at TCS

The role and responsibilities of a community mental health nurse at TCS can change daily. This is to ensure the client’s care is tailored to their current medical and emotional needs.

Working as a TCS community RMN nurse, you’ll focus on building a strong professional relationship with the person you’re caring for. You’ll also be responsible for:  

  • Carrying out regular monitoring and assessing of our client’s physical and mental health
  • Creating, building and reviewing plans and interventions that proactively address challenges
  • Reducing the risk of harm occurring to the client and your nursing and support worker colleagues
  • Completing MAR charts to the highest standards
  • Medication administration
  • Being clinically accountable for assessment, planning and interventions
  • Collaborating with colleagues to ensure evidence-based support is in place for the person you’re caring for


Skills and qualities needed from TCS community mental health nurses

At TCS, we look for mental health nurses who are naturally passionate, attentive and dependable people. Our RMN nurses excel in delivering person-centred care to adults and children with complex mental health needs. Key skills and qualities our community mental health nurses should possess include:  


Collaboration is a key skill in any nursing role, especially in mental health community nursing at TCS. Good teamwork can provide better outcomes for the client and ensure consistency in their care. Collaboration can also support you in developing strong professional relationships with your nursing colleagues. 


Excellent communication  

Excellent communication is a core skill in mental health nursing. Due to the requirements of our TCS mental health clients, our RMN nurses need to be confident communicators to support their bespoke needs.  



Within a TCS mental health nursing job, things can change quickly, and you’re required to think on your feet in the moment. This is where observational skills are key to ensure the client, you and your colleagues remain safe during your shifts.  



Empathy is a key skill that TCS RMNs should utilise in their mental health nursing role daily. Empathetic nurses understand the client’s emotions, needs and circumstances on a personal level. They can demonstrate to the client they understand them and acknowledge their emotions.  



A TCS RMN nurse should demonstrate high levels of resilience in their mental health nursing role. Resilience enables nurses to manage difficult situations successfully and adapt to changing circumstances without letting their emotions be affected.



Why work in community mental health nursing?

As a community mental nurse with TCS, you’ll work with one to a few clients, delivering care to them in their own homes or local communities. You’ll become an integral part of their life and support them in developing skills, confidence and achieving personal goals.

Whether you have previous community experience or hospital-based nursing experience, you will be suitable for our mental health nursing jobs if you have an active NMC pin and a minimum of 12 months UK mental health nursing care experience along with the following:  

  • Previous care experience supporting those with mental health conditions, learning disabilities and autism
  • Experience and confidence in performing physical interventions in the last two years

Working as a TCS mental health nurse, you’ll utilise your RMN expertise to enable our clients to lead healthier and independent lives in the community. 

Are you looking to excel in your nursing career and find a community mental health nurse job vacancy with TCS? Find out what to expect by reading our section on ‘Community mental health nurse career development with TCS‘ below.


Community mental health nurse career development with TCS

A mental health nurse career with TCS allows you to develop your skills, work with equally passionate mental health nurses and access many development opportunities. The opportunities available when you join us include: 

Continual professional development (CPD) training courses  

We offer our nurses access to a variety of continual professional development (CPD) courses, some of which have CPD-accredited course points.  


Upskilling training  

In some circumstances, we offer our mental health nurses the opportunity to be upskilled on a skill they have not practiced before. This enables you to develop further in your TCS mental health nurse role, grow your skillset and deliver care to more clients in the community.  


Professional development  

For mental health nurses looking to take on a managerial style mental health nurse job, we have clinical lead nurse roles available. 


Mental health nurse job training with TCS 

When you join us as a mental health nurse, you’ll receive expert Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training prior to your first shift. The training ensures you have the right skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible care in your mental health nurse job.



Mental health nurse salary and pay

At TCS, we recognise and reward our RMN nurses for consistently delivering world-class care to our clients every day. We offer our mental health nurses’ excellent rates of pay and a comprehensive benefits package. Take a look at our TCS RMN pay rates below.   

Grade Shifts Total hourly pay rate

Registered mental health nurse (RMN)

Mon-Fri 8am-8pm 

£ 40.97
Registered mental health nurse (RMN) Night
Mon-Fri 8pm-8am 

£ 46.75
Registered mental health nurse (RMN) Weekend
Fri 12am (midnight)-Sun 12am (midnight)
£ 51.48


Mental health nurse benefits

We’ve created an extensive benefits package for our mental health nurses to ensure you feel valued and can achieve the nursing career you want. Once you join us as an RMN, you’ll gain complete access to our comprehensive benefits package, which includes:

  • 24/7 operations and clinical support from our expert teams
  • Refer a nurse bonus scheme
  • Nurse development opportunities to oversee our clients care as a clinical lead
  • Travel and mileage expenses in some instances
  • Full-time and short-term shift patterns to make your mental health nurse job work for you
  • Revalidation support from our expert team of nurses
  • Regular supervisions and appraisals
  • Confidential wellbeing calls with our supervisions and appraisals team
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) training
  • Mental health nurse job upskilling opportunities
  • Regular support from our RMN clinical lead nurses with care plans and risk assessments
  • 24/7 access to our wellbeing and support hub and TCS information hub, Compass



Community mental health nurse job vacancies at Thornbury Community Services 

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