Thornbury Community Services offers adult nurse jobs to passionate registered nurses wanting to deliver ‘Outstanding’ CQC-rated care to people with a range of complex conditions living in the community across the UK. View our latest adult nursing jobs in your area below.



More information about our TCS adult nurse jobs

Our TCS adult nurse jobs allow resilient and passionate registered nurses to use their clinical expertise and knowledge to deliver high-quality nurse led care to our clients with a range of conditions and support them in achieving their goals and aspirations.

Find out more about our TCS adult nurse job opportunities below. 


The role and responsibilities of TCS adult nurses

As a TCS adult nurse, you will use your adult nursing skills, experience and passion to improve our client’s quality of life and provide them with stability and comfort in their own homes and local communities.  

The role and responsibilities of our adult nurse roles can differ depending upon the individual needs of the client you’re caring for. However, there will be certain responsibilities that will be required daily such as monitoring the client and their general health and wellbeing. In your TCS adult nursing job, you can expect to carry out the following responsibilities:  

  • Overseeing the client’s nutrition and diet
  • Ensuring the client and their family receive consistent and professional communication from yourself and your nursing colleagues
  • Encouraging the client to achieve their personal goals and aspirations
  • Carrying out orderly checks on the client’s airways including tracheostomy management and care
  • Regularly checking the client’s breathing including invasive or non-invasive ventilation management and care
  • Overseeing infection prevention and control
  • Providing medication when required
  • Monitoring and managing stock
  • Supporting with physiotherapy needs
  • Following a prescribed plan at all times
  • Conducting safety checks on equipment
  • Completing records of the tasks completed in your adult nursing job
  • Supporting with tissue viability
  • Delivering personal care and hygiene when required
  • Moving and handling
  • Supporting the client with elimination management


Required skills and qualities in TCS adult nursing jobs

At TCS, we recruit passionate, resilient and highly skilled adult nurses to deliver the very best care and support to people with a range of conditions in the community.  

Our TCS nurses have unrivalled clinical expertise, are dedicated to our clients and possess a range of skills and qualities, including strong communication skills, resilience, excellent time management skills and exceptional clinical skills which lead to the delivery of nurse-led world class care to each of our clients. 

If you’re an adult nurse that strives to deliver person-centred care and wants to utilise and grow your nursing skillset and knowledge to build a meaningful career, then TCS is the perfect place for you.


TCS adult nurse pay rates

In your TCS adult nursing job, you’ll receive exceptional rates of pay and an extensive benefits package to ensure you have a fulfilled and meaningful career with us. Take a look at our Thornbury adult nurse pay rates below.  

Shifts Total hourly pay
Registered Nurse
Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Registered Nurse
Monday-Thursday 8pm-8am
Friday 8pm-12am (midnight)
Monday 12am (midnight)-8am
Registered Nurse
Friday 12am (midnight)-Sunday 12am (midnight)


TCS adult nurse benefits package

As a TCS adult nurse, you’ll gain access to our benefits package. We have created this package to provide our nurses with a range of benefits and perks to support them in their adult nursing job with TCS, as well as enabling them to continue to develop and maintain their adult nursing skills.  

When you begin your TCS adult nursing role, you’ll gain access to:  

  • Revalidation support and guidance
  • £250 refer a nurse bonus
  • Career development opportunities to progress further in your adult nurse job as a clinical lead
  • 24/7 support from our clinical and operational teams
  • Supervisions and appraisals
  • Online continual professional development (CPD) courses
  • Opportunities to upskill in your adult nursing job
  • 24/7 access to our Wellbeing and Support Hub
  • 24/7 access to the TCS information hub, Compass
  • Travel and mileage expenses in some circumstances
  • A range of shifts to make your adult nursing job flexible
  • Support from our clinical lead nurses with care plans and risk assessments
  • Confidential wellbeing calls



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