Revalidation should not be scary, difficult or daunting, it just needs planning and organisation.

Who will support me?

Your permanent employer should be supporting you with your appraisal and completion of your revalidation. If TCS is your permanent employer or your main/primary employer, then we can support you.

What you need to do?

  • Register with NMC online. This will show you your NMC pin number, fee expiry date and renewal date. Remember, your renewal date is your revalidation date
  • Create a portfolio – paper or online, and maintain it
  • Access and use the NMC forms
  • Ensure you meet the requirements to revalidate
  • Complete your submission before your renewal/revalidation date

It is your responsibility to know when you are due to renew/revalidate, maintain a portfolio and submit before your renewal/revalidation date. You will be able to access and complete your renewal/revalidation with the NMC 60 days before your renewal date. If you “drop off” the NMC register it can take up to three months for you to be re-registered.

What will TCS do to support me?

If TCS is your primary employer, we will:

  • Arrange and undertake annual appraisal meetings
  • Offer annual supervision sessions
  • Arrange and undertake a confirmation meeting at least one month prior to your renewal/revalidation date
  • Provide information on events that offer CPD participatory hours
  • Provide a guide to revalidation with helpful tips
  • Most importantly, be here to support you throughout the process

If you have any questions, concerns or need any further information please contact us on 01275 547 337 or email