Services we provide

At Thornbury Community Services we lead the delivery of world-class fully managed care services for adults and children with the most complex needs. We are experts at creating short-term solutions that can be established rapidly whilst providing longer-term care for those who need it. 

What we do

Trusted by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), case managers and private clients across England and Wales, we help children and adults with complex conditions leave hospital within the timescales they want and can provide short-term interim support following a package breakdown until a longer-term provider is sourced.  

With the highest number of employed clinicians and an extensive database of specialist adult and paediatric nurses, our only focus is leading the very best complex care in the community – over 12,000 hours each week. We’re proud to help our clients live safe and fulfilled lives, on many occasions supporting them to achieve life-long dreams.

We care for the most complex of clinical and social conditions. No need is too complex. In our eight years, we have never said we can’t help because a client’s condition is too complex. We have cared for clients with the rarest conditions.


How we do it

Ability to mobilise quickly

Our robust clinical governance and infrastructure allow us to establish a fully managed care team within 48 hours, including a quality, clinically excellent assessment and care plan.


Extensive skilled workforce

Our database of experienced nurses and healthcare assistants can care for the most complex of conditions and are effectively placed into packages to meet the unique and specific requirements of each client. We have over 1500 specialist nurses nationwide and over 500 healthcare assistants. Nearly 800 of our nurses are paediatric specialists.


Person-centred approach

Our person-centred approach is fundamental to our clients achieving their long-term goals and aspirations. We take the time to understand each client’s unique personal journey, ensuring they are treated as an individual in their own right, with care packages being tailored to their specific needs.


CQC recognised as ‘outstanding’

We were one of the only providers to be recognised as ‘outstanding’ in responsiveness by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), achieving an overall good rating.



As your trusted partner

We change the conversation

Taking the pressure away from commissioners enabling them to have longer-term, more strategic conversations with families and focus more time and resources on achieving NHS priorities. 

We have meaningful conversations with clients and families that don’t just involve discussing day-today care issues, we encourage discussions that create opportunities driving positive change.


We provide continuity

Providing continuity of care to clients and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always by your side.

Removing the stress of changing a client’s provider regularly due to continual care failures.

We get it right the first time and we can safely reduce or step-up care in line with a client’s changing needs.


We set the standard for world-class care

Transforming the experience for families who are not currently being provided with the highest standards of care and increasing the number of families satisfied that the care promised is always delivered.

Demonstrating to the community what world-class care looks like and experience the joy of seeing a client flourish at home or in the community.


We put clients and families at the centre of everything we do

Enabling them to live a safe and fulfilled life at home or in the community ensuring they are being treated and cared for like an individual, where families are trusted and respected. Allowing them to spend time with the people they love, doing the things they enjoy and providing the infrastructure to make life-long dreams happen. 

Giving confidence that as a care provider we keep multi-disciplinary teams up-to-date on progress, representing and empowering clients needs.


Case Studies

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