Transitioning care and package stabilisation

At TCS, we work collaboratively and flexibly with hospitals and care providers to transition individuals in acute hospital settings back into the community within 48 hours.

Our breadth of experience and extensive network of skilled nurses enables us to provide a secure, flexible and prompt service.



What we do

We have a proven track record of crisis management and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions. We’ll quickly step in to manage a hospital discharge or acquire an existing package that is failing, providing our clients and their families with peace of mind and a sense of continuity.

We’re able to facilitate the setup of nurse-led care packages within 48 hours for individuals with a range of complex conditions including:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • End of life
  • Neurological
  • Palliative care
  • Physical disabilities
  • Spinal


How can TCS support you?

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Case studies


60-year-old Andrew was admitted to hospital via an ambulance after experiencing difficulty breathing. Doctors were unable to give a concrete diagnosis but found upper airway inflammation and swelling around Andrew’s vocal cord meaning his airway was no longer safe.

A few days later, Andrew had a surgical tracheostomy inserted and remained in hospital for six months. He was medically fit for the last month of his stay, however, was unable to be discharged without a package of care in place, one that had failed to be delivered by a previous care provider.

TCS was approached by the CCG to provide an interim care package for Andrew whilst they searched for a long-term solution.

How we helped

  • A robust interim care package delivered whilst the CCG searched for a long-term solution
  • A seamless discharge with a ten-day turnaround
  • Team of highly skilled specialist nurses who received additional training to meet highly bespoke package requirements
  • Andrew regained independence and quality of life
  • Collaborative working with the new care provider to ensure a smooth handover and continuity 

Please click here to view Andrew’s story in full. 



At the age of four, Oliver was involved in a tragic car accident which resulted in the death of his younger sister and left him with catastrophic injuries.

The crash left Oliver permanently brain damaged, paralysed from the neck down and he is now tracheostomy and ventilator dependent and requires around the clock care. Following the accident, Oliver was admitted to hospital for 16 months. Due to the complexity of his condition, he was moved to residential care at The Children’s Trust in Tadworth, a rehabilitation service specialising in children and young people’s brain injuries. Oliver stayed in Tadworth for three months before being discharged home.

TCS was approached by the to ensure the right care package was sourced for Oliver. 

How we helped

  • Highly skilled team of specialist nurses who spent time in Tadworth to orientate and familiarise themselves with Oliver’s cares, routines and preferences
  • Established trust of Oliver’s mum and went above and beyond to meet exceedingly high expectations
  • 99.4% of shifts covered over the first three months 
  • Oliver arrived home in time for his 7th birthday, where he enjoyed a party with friends and family.
  • Oliver is now back at school and has access to the education and social interaction that he would not have received in residential care

Please click here to view Oliver’s story in full.