Payment may be delayed if your timesheet is not submitted in the correct format and with all appropriate fields completed. Here’s some helpful tips for you to follow, to ensure you’ll always be paid on time:

  • Make sure you enter the client code within the ‘Client Ref No.’ box. This will normally be a four-letter code. In some cases, for data protection reasons, you will be given a numerical code - please quote this if known
  • Remember, one TCS timesheet for each service user; do not mix different clients on the same timesheet
  • The timesheet enables coverage of the working week i.e. Monday – Sunday. Please do not mix different working weeks on the same timesheet
  • Please ensure the ‘Date’ matches the ‘Day’ field. Remember the date is when the shift started even if the vast majority of the shift has been completed post-midnight
  • Do not forget to enter the total mileage figure or public travel values. Please ensure these are entered on the same line as the shift worked date
  • Remember to provide supporting public travel receipts. Since these will usually be scanned to a second sheet, please just add your name and TCS no. to the sheet so they are easily identifiable
  • Remember to sign the document within the ‘Associate Signature’ box
  • In the community environment, we acknowledge it is not always possible to obtain the client’s signature. Where possible, please always attempt to obtain a signature e.g. from a family member. If the client cannot sign, please write ‘client unable to sign’
  • Please use the ‘Notes’ field selectively for relevant shift related detail. Remember the document will ultimately reach the party paying for the service (e.g. a CCG), so they will only wish to see relevant detail and not dialogue that may be relating to personal pay issues on earlier timesheets
  • Use a suitable application (e.g. Camscanner) for scanning the information in a black and white pdf format to TCS. Please do not photograph the document in a jpeg or tiff mode. Since the timesheet is in a landscape format, please endeavour to capture the pdf image in a landscape format since this provides a clearer image, both for the client and TCS

If you have any queries regarding submitting your timesheet, please contact our payroll team at: payroll@thornburycommunityservices.co.uk.