A guide to HireVue

We understand that completing a video interview is a new concept to most and can also feel quite daunting. We want to make the process as easy as possible for our nurses and so have put together a quick guide so you can see the process from start to finish, before you even begin:

Step 1

Video interviewing for Nurses

On the opening page you can either choose to practice or start your interview. The practice will be a generic question to get you used to the format of the interview.

Step 2

Video Interviewing

This is what you will see when you start your real interview. At the start of each section you will see this message and should click begin to start the interview.

Step 3

Nursing made easier

You will then see this message. A short video will begin playing which will ask your question, you will then have the allocated time to prepare and answer.

Step 4


Once you have answered the question, swipe right on the finish button to stop recording.


Step 5

Hirevue help

You can watch your answer back, then press either retry or submit. Once you have pressed submit you cannot go back to this answer, and you can only retry your answer once more.



Step 6

Hirevue alerts

When you click retry, this alert will pop up. To retry your answer, press yes. If you change your mind press no and submit.


Step 7

A guide to video interviewing

For typed answers, you only get one attempt to submit an answer. Once you have typed your answers, click submit and press yes.

Step 8

Submitting your interview

At the end of each section you will see this message. There are 3 sections to complete. Once they are all complete you will click to submit your interview.

Step 9

Help with interviewing

Some people prefer not to see themselves on screen whilst recording their questions. You have the option to hide the recording screen if this makes the interview process easier. To hide the live recording of yourself, press the button in the bottom right corner of your screen. We have circled where this will appear.

Step 10

Answering interview questions

You will then only be able to see a grey screen while answering your questions.

We hope this guide helps you. Remember if you have any questions you can contact the team at any time on 0333 323 3762.