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Our home and community care service

We are experts in delivering nurse and support-worker led care solutions for the most complex of conditions. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so our care packages can be tailored to whatever suits you best; from fully commissioned packages to short term interim care. We are here to support you for as long as you need us.

We take the pressure away enabling you to have longer-term, more strategic conversations with families and focus more time and resources on achieving NHS priorities.


What we do

Our breadth of experience and extensive network of skilled nurses enables us to provide a secure, flexible and prompt service. We can establish a fully managed care team within 48 hours, including a quality, clinically excellent assessment and care plan for individuals with the most complex of conditions, including acquired brain injury, end of life, neurological, palliative care, physical disabilities, spinal, mental health and learning disabilities and autism. 

In our eight years, we have never said we can’t help because a client’s condition is too complex. We have cared for clients with the rarest conditions: Jacobson syndrome (1 in 100,000), Lissencephaly (1 in 100,000), Osteogenesis Imperfecta (1 in 20,000).


Case studies

Clara - Interim/short-term care

Clara was born with Global Development Delay and Hypermobility. At the age of six, she was involved in a tragic road traffic accident which resulted in life-changing injuries to her spinal cord. As a consequence, she is now left tetraplegic and ventilator dependent via a tracheostomy tube.

The accident also left Clara with Autonomic Dysreflexia meaning she requires regular intermittent catheterisation and bowel care management.

Following the accident, Clara was hospitalised for over six months and was unable to be discharged until the right home care package was in place, one that was proving extremely difficult to find amongst other care providers. TCS was approached by the CCG to provide interim care before handing Clara’s treatment over to a Community NHS team on a long-term basis.

How we helped

– Highly skilled team of nurses and support workers to facilitate a discharge home at short notice

– Open and honest communication throughout with MDT, CCG and family ensuring a seamless transition 

– Successful transition from TCS to the NHS team reducing costs for the CCG

– Continuity of care maintained over a 10-week interim period.

– 100% of a total of 70 shifts covered


Please click here to view Ciara’s story in full.

William - Package stabilisation

William was born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder causing progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Now, at 23 years old, William is tracheostomy and ventilator dependent, reliant on the use of a wheelchair and requires round the clock care.

Due to a package breakdown with another provider and multiple agency failures, William was not receiving the level of care he required whilst living at home. He was deteriorating quickly and was on the verge of being transferred into residential care - there was an urgent need for another provider to step in quickly.

TCS was approached by the CCG to create a package of care that would prevent further failings and ensure the highest level of care for William. 


How we helped

– Core team of 6 nurses and 4 support workers 

– We ran on a trial basis for 12-weeks. Once trust was established, we moved the package from a temporary to an ongoing contract. 

– Consistent and effective support on both clinical and non-clinical issues

– 100% shifts covered to date

– Due to the level of clinical stability and good health that he is now showing, we are looking to work with the CCG to step down to support a step down in care 


Please click here to view William’s story in full.


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