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At Thornbury Community Services (TCS), high quality care is our number one priority. With a team of exceptional and conscientious nurses and care staff, we’re able to deliver the best complex care at home or in the community, 24/7 or whenever you need it. With compassion, integrity and dedication, we help empower individuals to achieve personal aspirations, as well as providing care tailored to their needs. Making a positive difference to our client’s lives is our passion and it’s this that sets us apart.

We provide experienced and appropriately skilled nurses and care staff to deliver clinical care to clients of all ages within their own homes.

TCS is a CQC registered complex care provider with a proven track record of managing complex and challenging packages, many of which have previously failed with other service providers. We can support and develop processes to maintain an individual’s independence within the community preventing the need for readmission to hospital. Whether its 24-hour support on an ongoing basis or simply a few days of respite care that is needed, we can provide a fully commissioned and case managed service including the creation of bespoke care plans and risk assessments.

Our ability to respond quickly to care package needs makes us an invaluable resource in maintaining effective community nursing coverage. Our unparalleled commitment to providing nurses and HCAs who meet the highest professional standards means our clients enjoy complete peace of mind.

How TCS can help:

  • Ongoing commissioned care packages- we specialise in the most clinically and socially complex care packages and have an extensive database of skilled nurses to support individuals throughout England and Wales.
  • Package stabilisation- during challenging periods, we can quickly and effectively step in as the lead provider to manage failing care packages, providing our clients with peace of mind and a sense of continuity.
  • Hospice at home –we are experienced in working with hospital discharge teams to provide rapid discharge to ensure exemplary, safe and sensitive end of life care.
  • Respite at home and overseas- we offer bespoke, individualised support in the home and a tailored respite holiday service for those planning trips within the UK or overseas.
  • Social care support- we can provide support to social services including supporting foster placements for children with complex care needs, contact visits and social care breaks.
  • Educational support- we work across a variety of educational settings from nursery to university to enable individuals to participate in school life, extra-curricular activities and interaction with their peers.
  • CHC assessments- we can support CHC teams with the coordination and conduction of health assessments including initial CHC assessment for patients awaiting discharge and ongoing CHC reviews.

Why TCS?

  • We work as a trusted partner with commissioners and private clients across England and Wales
  • We're recognised as a leading provider of person centred, nurse-led, complex care packages
  • We have a proven track record of supporting a wide range of short and long term complex care packages
  • Our national presence of regional teams ensures we have a greater understanding of each community and means we can staff locally
  • We facilitate safe and timely discharge for complex care clients
  • We provide nurse-led services to minimise hospital readmission
  • We have robust contingency plans in place and operate 24/7
  • Our care is different - we empower individuals to achieve their social ambitions and take full responsibility of risk management.

If you would like to talk to us about your care package needs and how TCS can support you please click here to make an enquiry or call our team on 0333 323 1266.


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