Jonathans blog

Thursday, June 29, 2017

As a keen blogger and social media enthusiast, TCS client Jonathan has joined our blog team and will be writing for us on a regular basis. Jonathan has been with TCS for almost eight years. When we started working with Jonathan, we recognised his determination and passion for life. Not only have his nurse team supported him on a clinical level but they have also been key players in helping Jonathan achieve some of his goals such as:

  • Attending college to study A Level Media and Photography
  • Attending Plymouth University, where he was awarded a 1st Class Honours Degree
  • A trip to Zürich as a member of Team Imperial
  • Completion of multiple 10k races
  • Ski trip to Chamonix

Here’s a few words from Jonathan:

If you’re keen to follow Jonathan in his blogging quest you can also follow him on Facebook and Youtube.

Hi everyone, my name’s Jonathan. I am 29 year’s old and have been ventilator dependant, via tracheostomy, for 10 years.

TCS have supported me for almost eight years and there has never been a better time to get involved with their blogs. I am keen to share my stories with people who have similar conditions to myself and show just what you can achieve when you may think it’s not possible to.

You can read my blogs by clicking on the links below.