Boccia competition

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my TCS blog. I've recently started to play a sport called Boccia. It is for people with disabilities and is similar to French boules. I train three times a week with Cotswold Crusaders and Boccia Busters. I have a ramp which is positioned in front of my wheelchair. Each turn a ball is placed on the ramp. I hold a metal pointer in my mouth and use it to push the ball down the ramp. Earlier this month, I took part in a regional competition called The Heathcote Cup. I'd not done anything like it before so wasn't sure what to expect. There are several classifications for different levels of disability and I am under bc3. I played three games against people in my group and went on to win them all and a gold medal which felt amazing. I've also qualified for the finals of the competition in April 2018. Thanks to Lauren, Rachael, Adam, my coaches. As well as my ramp assistants Veronika and Nick and everyone else who has helped me out.

I’ll let you know how I get on at the finals!