£2000 Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions


1. Qualifying criteria 

For a recommendation to qualify, the recommendee must:

a. Be a qualified nurse eligible to work in the UK 

b. Meet the Thornbury Community Services (TCS) clinical lead recruitment criteria


2. Payment terms

To obtain the £2000 referral fee, the recommendee must meet the following criteria:

a. Meet the TCS clinical lead recruitment criteria 

b. Successfully pass their probation with TCS


3. How to claim bonus payments

a. It is the responsibility of the Recommender to claim their recommendation bonus payment by contacting the TCS team no later than one month after the recommendee has successfully pass their probation with TCS

b. Bonuses are subject to tax and NI deduction, this will be deducted at source for all TCS nurses. Bonus payments are non-transferable.

c. Bonuses will be paid via BACS to the account that is held on the nurse record for each claimant.


4. General terms

a. TCS reserves the right to reject claims if all the terms and conditions have not been met. 

b. TCS reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions at its absolute discretion.