Working as a community learning disability nurse

Friday, April 28, 2023

To shine a spotlight on our wonderful community learning disability nurses (RNLDs), two of our RNLD Clinical Leads, Olivia and Arianwen, give a detailed insight into what it's like working as a community learning disability nurse at Thornbury Community Services (TCS).


What is the role of a community learning disability nurse?

The role of a community learning disability nurse is essentially a ‘master of all trades’. The role is so vast and varied and extremely empowering. One day you could take the client to the local swimming pool. The next day, you may conduct risk assessments and review behavioural data to look for opportunities to enhance the client’s communication skills and relationships. No two days are the same, and that is one of the many things our nurses love about working in the Learning Disability and Autism Service at TCS.


What are the responsibilities of a TCS community learning disability nurse?

The responsibilities of a TCS learning disability community nurse require you to be flexible and reactive. You’re responsible for ensuring our clients receive high-quality and consistent care that is bespoke to their needs. Working as a community nurse at TCS, you have a vast range of responsibilities which can include:

  • Monitoring and supporting the wellbeing of our clients
  • Administration of medication
  • Supporting aspects of our client’s personal care
  • Communicating regularly with the clinical lead in the package of care
  • Developing structured routines and activities within the home and community
  • Encouraging therapeutic relationship development and engagement in hobbies, activities, tasks
  • Using safe holding physical intervention techniques (where prescribed) as a last resort should this be required to ensure safety
  • Assessing and monitoring behavioural presentation in conjunction with the PBS plan
  • Taking daily notes of our client’s health and wellbeing
  • Completing incident forms
  • Using a body map
  • Completing fluid and diet forms
  • Completing handover sheets
  • Collaborating with your team


What professional development opportunities are available for community learning disability nurses at TCS?

With the introduction of our information hub, Compass, our nurses and support workers can book continual professional development courses (CPD) to support their nurse revalidation and continuous development.

Our nurses can also progress to clinical leads, a managerial role consisting of overseeing our care packages and our healthcare professionals at TCS. We have a variety of clinical lead roles available for nurses looking to take the next step in their careers. Click here to learn more about our current clinical roles.


As clinical leads, how do you support our community learning disability nurses?

As clinical leads, it’s our responsibility to ensure our nurses and support workers are skilled, competent and passionate about delivering care to our clients in different environments. Our roles require us to be proactive and reactive at all times. We will assess all and any risks for the clients, both positive and negative, ensuring they are achievable in safe and secure environments. We are there to support our nurses, support workers, clients and their families whenever they need us.


What would you say to a learning disability nurse who is considering joining Thornbury Community Services?

Working as a learning disability nurse at TCS is extremely rewarding and empowering but can be challenging at times. At TCS, you have the ability to make a huge impact in people’s lives, and if you’re a committed, patient, passionate and enthusiastic registered nurse, then TCS is the perfect place for you.

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding CQC-rated care to our clients around the clock. We have a highly skilled team of diverse nurses who work collaboratively with our dedicated team of learning disability support workers to ensure our clients' health and wellbeing needs and personal goals and aspirations are a priority, and the clients continue to progress in our care.


What do you love most about being a learning disability nurse at TCS?


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