My experience registering with TCS

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

In the summer of 2017, TCS ran a promotion for new nurses to win a bonus once they registered with us. The winner of this promotion was Carlyanne Whyman. We caught up with Carlyanne to find out how the registration process was for her and what she plans to spend her summer bonus on!

I applied for TCS because I wanted to extend my current experience of nursing and still maintain my previously gained clinical skills from PCCU. I also thought it would give me the opportunity to work with different children. I enquired with TCS through their Facebook page, and found the response quick and informative regarding the process and what was needed from me.

There is some repetitiveness to the application however this wasn't an issue and wasn't time consuming in the grand scheme and reassured me that TCS are thorough in their vetting. Speaking with Julie in the recruitment team, I felt able to voice my skills and areas of nursing that I hadn't practiced for a while and found a warm and friendly voice at the end of the phone.

The online interview was a different experience, however I found it easy to follow and TCS supported every step of the way. I also found this much easier to fit round my current work (tip for other nurses: make sure you have a good Internet connection as mine didn’t work as well as I’d hope due to where I live).

TCS have communicated verbally and via email throughout the whole process, what the next step is and showing care and consideration for me throughout the entire application process. To add to this, receiving a lovely phone call from Anna to inform me of winning the Summer Promo ended my week with a huge smile!

I have decided to use the bonus towards a holiday for me and my partner as it’s his 30th birthday next year – unfortunately I cannot disclose the location as it’s a surprise for him!