£200 million investment to alleviate NHS winter pressures – what does this mean for community care?

Monday, October 16, 2023

NHS winter pressures remain a topic of conversation for many in the health and social care industry, but with the new £200 million funding and the additional £40 million to improve hospital discharge from the government given to support the NHS, how will it help patients requiring care this winter?

Despite the sudden increase in funding for the NHS, the question of what is being done to support those receiving long-term care at hospitals and in the community remains unclear. Our Business Manager, Liam, shares his thoughts.

“The £200 million in new funding and the additional £40 million funding to support winter pressures is a welcome pre-emptive move by the government. It is also great to hear about the progress that has been made this year around ambulance response times, bed availability and the reduction in delayed discharges. How effective this strategy is over this coming winter will very much depend on the funding being utilised to create clear step-down pathways for inpatients. It will be key that the NHS utilises and works closely alongside experienced 3rd party providers who can facilitate timely discharges and community care services that offer an alternative to prolonged hospital stays.”

It is apparent that the Government are committed to continue supporting the health and social care sector after providing several rounds of funding to speed up hospital discharge and help improve patient flow this winter.

At Thornbury Community Services, we see an increase in rapid discharge hospital-to-home care enquires around this time every year.

As a trusted NHS partner, we specialise in supporting the public sector with highly bespoke short-term care solutions for individuals with a range of care needs to get back into the community in short timelines, alleviating winter pressures on the NHS.

We carefully match our database of 1,500 specialist nurses and 400 healthcare assistants into care packages to meet the unique and specific requirements of each of our clients.

Our robust clinical governance and infrastructure allow us to establish a fully managed care team quickly and successfully within 48 hours so we can deliver the care promised to our clients - the first time, every time. 



How can TCS support you throughout winter pressures?

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