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Managing your shifts

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Reset password

If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgotten Password?’ on the home page and follow the steps to get a new password.

If you are unsure of your username, email ipoint.servicedesk@ukics.com.

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The menu on the left-hand side will allow you to navigate all parts of ipoint. From here you can find shifts, update your availability and view your upcoming booked shifts.

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When you log in, the first screen you see will be ‘My Settings’. From here, you can choose the ipoint profile that you want to look at.

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Availability Calendar

You can update your availability using the calendar. Using the availability key, you can add when you’ll be available – whether it be for days, nights, morning or afternoon, it’s all there.

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Not only does our availability calendar help to ensure you have visibility of the shifts you want to work but by keeping your availability up to date, you’ll be eligible for priority shift bookings.

Holiday mode tells us when you’re not around - meaning we won’t contact you until you return.

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Finding a shift

There are a range of filters to help narrow down your search when finding a shift.


The ‘match my availability’ filter shows you any shifts which align with the dates and times you have inputted when you are free to work in the calendar.

All shifts

You can view all shifts available. When using this filter, you will be prompted with an additional filter, ‘shift type’, to help narrow down your search.

*Grades: AU = HCA and TR and GS = Qualified Nurse.

Date range

To search for shifts within a specific date range, use the dates filter.


Distance is shown in miles from your home address.

*If your postcode needs updating, please inform your care coordinator.

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No shifts found

If no shifts are found, try widening your search. Updating your availability will increase the number of shifts shown.

If you’re still not seeing anything, please contact the ipoint team on ipoint.servicedesk@ukics.com.

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Viewing a shift

The results from your search will be shown in a list view all on one page. Click on the tile to find out more information.

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Booking a shift

To book yourself on to any available shifts, simply click the call button and you will be directed to the care coordination team.

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My shifts

In this section you can see all of your booked shifts and the shifts you have worked. For worked shifts highlighted in yellow, this means you have not yet been paid. For worked shifts highlighted in black then you’ll have been paid.

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