TCS Shifts Bonus - Terms and Conditions

1. Qualifying criteria

a. This promotion is valid only to nurses working for Thornbury Community Services (TCS)

b. All shifts worked count as 1 shift towards your target, regardless of length

c. This promotion is applicable only to a select group of nurses who will receive an email from TCS addressed to them specifically. Do not forward the email on to a friend to enter

d. This promotion is valid for shifts worked between Thursday 5th August and Sunday 3rd October

e. Training shifts and ‘meet & greets’ do not count towards this promotion

f. Nurses who qualify for the promotion may not be eligible to work in all available shifts/packages, this will depend on your skills and experience and we cannot control how many shifts you may be eligible to work throughout the promotion period


2. Bonus values

a. Shift targets and bonuses are equal to:

Shift target

Associated bonus

5 shifts


7 shifts


10 shifts



b. The maximum number of shifts that qualify for a bonus associated with this promotion is 10

c. The maximum bonus per nurse is £1200

d. Payment will be made when you hit the 10 shifts or at the end of the promotion if less

e. Bonuses will be paid via BACS to the account that is held on the nurse record for each claimant

f. Bonuses are subject to tax and NI deduction, this will be deducted at source for all TCS nurses. Bonus payments are non-transferable

g. Bonuses are not cumulative. You will be paid once for the shift level you reach. For example, if you have worked 7 shifts you will receive £750 and not an accumulation of bonuses in the above table

h. Shifts worked where any additional incentives have been claimed by the nurse will not count towards this promotion. This includes, but is not limited to, any additional uplifts in pay or contributions towards accommodation or additional bonuses

i. Bank holiday shifts do not count towards this promotion


3. Claiming your bonus

a. Payment will be processed when you hit the 10 shifts or at the end of the promotion if less

b. Payment will take 14 days to be processed into your bank account 

4.  General terms

a. TCS reserves the right to reject claims if all the terms and conditions have not been met

b. TCS reserves the right to reject claims if nurses are suspended or a complaint is upheld during the promotion period

c. TCS reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the promotion at its absolute discretion

d. TCS reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time and is under no obligation to inform candidates, introduce a replacement scheme or offer compensation

e. This promotion is not running in conjunction with any other promotions, offers or incentives (excluding Refer a Friend)

f. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion run by one of Thornbury Community Services’ sister companies within Acacium Group