£500 Joining Bonus Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1 Registration Date: The date that you are registered on the Thornbury Community Services database.

1.2 Compliant: Thornbury Community Services follows Recruitment and Employment Confederation Best Practice Guidelines. Under these guidelines nurse checks are required, prior to the nurse commencing work. These include: NMC checks, rights to work, proof of identity, DBS enhanced disclosure, occupational health and immunity, professional registration, specific training, competency interview, work history, references, professional and educational certificates. Once a nurse file is in accordance with the guidelines, the nurse file is deemed compliant and they are eligible to work.

2. Qualifying conditions
This scheme is only applicable to professionals meeting criteria 2.1-2.5 below. This scheme is only applicable and eligible to obtain from 15th January 2021 and finishes at midnight on 12th February 2021.

2.1 If you have previously registered with Thornbury Community Services but have not worked within the last 12 months, then you are entitled to re-register and claim the joining bonus scheme payment when you have met the qualifying criteria.

 2.2 To reside in the region of Oxfordshire or Berkshire to work in packages in these locations; the 2 shifts worked must be within these locations. 

2.3 Nurses must have completed and successfully passed the below within seven days of being sent the email:

•             Application form
•             Online interview via Hirevue

2.4 Nurses must have completed their registration with Thornbury Community Services and have completed 2 shifts worked within three months of completing their registrations.

2.5 Nurses must have completed their Hirevue video interview within seven days of receiving the email invite from the Thornbury Community Services resourcing team.

3. How to claim bonus payments
3.1 It is the responsibility of the nurse to request the bonus payment from Thornbury Community Services by emailing applications@thornburycommunityservices.co.uk     

4. Bonus payments
4.1 Payment will be made in a lump sum once the relevant qualifying criteria has been met. Payments are non-transferable.

4.2 Bonuses are subject to tax and NI deduction, this will be deducted at source for all TCS nurses. Bonus payments are non-transferable.

4.3 Bonuses will be paid via BACS to the account that is held on the Nurse record for each claimant.

5. General terms
5.1 Thornbury Community Services reserves the right to reject claims if all the terms and conditions have not been met.

5.2 Thornbury Community Services reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the Joining Bonus Scheme at its absolute discretion.

5.3 Thornbury Community Services reserves the right to withdraw the Thornbury Community Services Joining Bonus Scheme at any time and is under no obligation to inform support workers, introduce a replacement scheme or offer compensation.