What our nurses say about revalidation

"As I was one of the first nurses to go through the revalidation process, I was all too aware that so many people were nervously waiting for feedback regarding the whole process. Initially daunting, it proved to be quite straightforward. It is everything that we as nurses have already been doing, but we can now do it in a more structured and cohesive way. The process for me has allayed any fears about going through the process again."


"I revalidated for the first time in September 2016. It initially seemed a daunting task but I was surprised how easy it really was. I already had evidence which I could easily use for my revalidation which I hadn't thought of, such as cards from clients, appraisal meeting records, and verbal feedback. A meeting with my line manager through TCS, to sign off, was comfortable and relaxed. My line manager was great, making me feel comfortable that she was not testing me in any way, but that she had the same aim as me, just to make sure I was able to get signed off."


"Like most nurses, I was really apprehensive of the whole idea of revalidation. It all just felt like an insurmountable task. At my age I just felt like throwing in the towel and calling it a day. But I really did not have a choice in the final analysis, as I still have a big mortgage to pay and I enjoy my work. I then decided to go for it. I started by reading up on what it was all about online on the NMC website. I also attended a session about revalidation at the Exeter RCN Offices, which helped to consolidate what I had heard and read up on this subject. I also started to accumulate some information in my portfolio and realised that I already had a lot of it. I began to read up on the Code of Conduct for nurses and periodically went over it again and again till I was very familiar with it. I also began to acquire feedback - verbal and written for my portfolio. In no time at all I had all that was needed. I took time to arrange my information in order before embarking on writing the reflections etc. I didn't have a problem finding a willing confirmer. My only regret is the £52 I spent buying an online RCN programme to help me with the revalidation process as I did not get much help from it at all. Frankly - it was a waste of money. I must say that revalidation has helped me to learn more things about my career and this has enhanced my practice. All the fear about it has gone and I have already started accumulating information about my next revalidation in three years’ time. In short, I would say that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. On the contrary you learn more in the process."

T. Mercy