Q&A with TCS nurse Jenna

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We’ve asked Jenna what it’s like working in the Community for TCS:

How long have you been working for TCS?

Almost 2 years.

When did you start working as a community nurse?

When I first joined TCS – before then I hadn’t experienced working in the community

What attracted you to working as a community nurse?

I used to work as a nanny and really enjoyed spending time with children in their own homes and getting to know the family. Once I completed my ITU course I felt like I had the skills to do this as a nurse so is something I have always wanted to do. It also was attractive as it allowed me to use my skills in a different setting and would give me different challenges.

Did you have any apprehensions beforehand?

No clinical apprehensions as I was keen to us my skills in a different environment. I was more excited to have the chance to see the children I would be supporting progress at home with their families. I guess I was slightly nervous as to whether I would form a good bond with the child and their family and whether they would warm to me.

What do you wish you knew before moving over to community nursing?

How enjoyable it is – I wish I would have done it sooner!

What are the highlights of being a community nurse?

Getting to know families and children in their homes, relaxed in their own environment. I am able to enjoy every day activities as well as lovely family outings with them whilst ensuring their clinical safety.

What challenges have you faced?

Working in such a large team is a challenge when nurses and carers do things differently, it is all about compromise and what is best for the child/family.

Please share a memory from your time working as a community nurse

My client had never been to the seaside so we arranged a family day out. The family enjoyed a lovely lunch, a walk along the beach and a bit of shopping. I was lovely to see the look on my clients face and enjoy this special moment with their family.

What do you feel you have learnt being a community nurse?

I have gained a wider understanding of all of the services that look after children and have a greater understanding of their individual roles. It has also taught me to work differently from the traditional habits of working in a hospital.

How does it differ from working in traditional nursing settings?

You must be confident in your own abilities to handle medical and social situations independently as you don't have the back up of a team. There is also a limited amount of equipment in a client’s home. On the other hand, it is much less hectic than traditional hospital nursing and allows me to deliver consistent one to one care

Do you feel working as a community nurse has changed your perspective on nursing?

Yes, it gave me a better appreciation of what the families who have children with complex needs go through and what a difference community nurses make to their lives. I appreciate how tiring it can be for them and because of this, I hope I am able to be more supportive.

What would you say to a nurse who was considering taking the next step into the community?

Absolutely do it - best move I ever made!


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