The benefits of mental health rehabilitation in the community


Thursday 10th December, 12pm-1pm

We are pleased to invite you to join us for our live webinar exploring the topic of home-based, intensive rehabilitation support and its benefits for children and adults living with complex mental health disorders.

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The webinar will cover:  

  • An insight into the ways our specialist nurses and carers at TCS deliver the highest quality of care to individuals living with mental health disorders in the community.
  • An overview of the difficulties surrounding securing placements for children and adults with mental health disorders and managing the level of complexities.
  • Real-life case study exploring how community care combined with intensive treatment and a recovery person-centred approach can enrich and empower people suffering from moderate to severe mental health illnesses. Examples of how this approach resonates with the NHS long-term plan for management in the community.
  • Live Q and A.

Who should join?

  • Commissioners
  • Councils
  • Social care teams
  • Inpatient ward managers 



Ian Nevison

Affective Disorder Team Manager, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Ian has years of experience working in psychosis and early intervention in psychosis (EIP) teams as well as home intensive treatment and crisis teams. In his current role, Ian’s focus is to provide community-based assessment and treatment services to individuals living with affective disorders whilst managing the complexities of securing these placements.


Kimberly Doyle

Regional Clinical Lead - Mental Health, TCS


Kimberly is a registered mental health nurse who has an array of experience within many different areas including inpatient acute wards, forensic CAMHS and dual diagnosis. She has worked as a registered mentor for nursing students, worked in dementia care and a private nursing home for mental health, a challenging behaviour unit as well as in community intervention and psychosis teams. Kimberly's passion is to promote recovery person-centred care in the community with people who struggle with their mental health.


Helen Church 

Regional Business Manager - Learning Disability and/or Autism and Mental Health, TCS

In her role at TCS, Helen oversees the implementation of transitional plans and timelines to ensure that each person we support is able to feel safe and secure. Helen has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has worked within the organisation for over 5 years.



Clare Metcalfe

Head of Learning Disability and/or Autism and Head of Mental Health, TCS

Clare has dedicated the last 24 years gaining rich experience and increasing her knowledge and skills within forensic, inpatient, community and autism diagnostic services. In her role at TCS, Clare manages a team of Clinicians that work alongside the people we support, their families and the staff teams; to ensure that evidence-based practice is at the forefront of what we do. Amongst her qualifications, Clare has a Postgraduate Master’s Certificate in Positive Behavioural Support and Master’s Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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