Thornbury Community Services is recruiting registered mental health nurses in your area

Who are we?

Thornbury Community Services (TCS) provides long-term nurse-led care to support children and adults with complex mental health needs. We take the time to get to know each and every client to develop a care plan tailored to their personal and medical requirements. We support our clients in building their confidence and skills to lead fulfilling lives in their own homes and communities.

Our team of specialist mental health nurses are highly skilled and qualified individuals who provide personalised, high-quality care to our clients. Whilst providing them with opportunities for personal growth, creativity and independence.




Our values

At TCS, we have five core values: professionalism, integrity, passion, expertise and respect. These five values represent our vision and set out clear expectations of what is expected within the service we provide to our clients to ensure person-centred care is at the forefront of everything we do. 

What you can expect working as a mental health nurse at TCS

When you join us, you will become a part of our compassionate nursing community and play an important role in helping us to achieve our vision, outstanding world-class care. We will work in unison with you to create a rewarding career tailored to your professional development needs as a mental health nurse.

Your career progression at TCS is extremely important to us, and we want to support you in becoming the very best nurse you can be. We will provide you with expert-led training sessions and CPD training courses to develop your skills, knowledge and expertise. We promise to provide you with the best opportunities and resources to support your development and deliver life-changing care. 

Your wellbeing is our priority

The wellbeing of our nursing team is important to us at TCS. When you join us, you will gain 24/7 access to our Wellbeing and Support Hub, an online portal tailored to your mental health, wellbeing and professional development needs. The hub allows you to book on to a vast range of CPD training courses as well as confidential wellbeing calls with our supervisions and appraisals team. You can access a vast range of resources and information that relates to wellbeing and emotional support. You can also provide us with anonymous feedback on how you would like the hub to develop to benefit your career at TCS.

Your TCS rewards package

At Thornbury Community Services, we value our nurses and the high-quality care they provide to our clients in the community. We believe our nurses deserve something equally as exceptional as the care they deliver, so that’s why when you join our nursing community, you will have access to our extensive TCS benefits package, which includes:

  • Full-time work and short-term shift patterns
  • Exclusive access to our rewards portal
  • £250 Refer a friend bonus
  • Support throughout your revalidation
  • Support maintaining your compliance
  • Market-leading rates of pay
  • 24/7 clinical support from our experts
  • Easy to use ipoint app to manage your shifts
  • Access to our Wellbeing and Support Hub - an online portal tailored to your mental health, wellbeing and professional development needs.
  • Wellbeing calls with our supervisions and appraisals team

With the right vision and the right people, we can achieve outstanding world-class care.

If you are interested in joining our nursing community, complete the short form below, and a member of our team will be in touch soon. If you wish to learn more about TCS, contact our recruitment team here or ring 0333 323 3762

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