Mental Health Service

Our service

Thornbury Community Services provide intensive, home-based rehabilitation support for children and adults living with mental health disorders. We deliver the highest quality of care for people who may display challenging behaviours or pose a significant risk to themselves or others. Working in partnership with commissioners, local authorities, hospital teams, our clients and their families, we deliver highly personalised and robust packages of care. Through our specialist, outcome-focused support, we can safely transition individuals from hospital settings, empowering them to acquire and regain the confidence and skills to lead fulfilling lives in the community.


Our approach

We have a proven track record of delivering excellence across our service. Our recovery-focused model is based on a holistic, person-centred approach which looks at the specific needs of each individual. We give our clients the autonomy to make informed decisions around the care they receive, so they can determine their own path of recovery. This highly bespoke method is fundamental to ensuring each person can achieve their long-term goals and aspirations. All of our packages of care include a comprehensive, individualised daily activity programme, and we apply a formal review process, 24 and 72 hours after care commences. This is followed by structured fortnightly or monthly clinical reviews. Our experienced multi-disciplinary teams understand the importance of collaboration and have developed strong partnerships with other professionals and care teams. This ensures all the support received by our clients is integrated and presented as a cohesive package.


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