Q – I don’t have an ipoint account?

You were automatically enrolled when you were signed off to work and an email would have been sent asking you to create a password. Don’t worry if you haven’t or can’t find the email, simply download the app and click “forgotten password” this will send you a link to create a password.

Please note the link is only valid for 24hrs. If you access it after the 24hr window you will need to please request a forgotten password again to reset.

If you are still having problems accessing the app please contact ipoint.servicedesk@ukics.com who will be able to help

Q – My account is locked?

Please contact ipoint.servicedesk@ukics.com who will be able to help

Q – I have forgotten my username?

Try your email address first, if you are still experiencing issues logging in to ipoint contact ipoint.servicedesk@ukics.com

Q – When I set my password it takes me to the website?

All passwords must be created via the ipoint website but once you have created/reset your password just exit the website and access the app. Use your new password to login

Q – How long will I remain logged in for?

ipoint will log you out after 14days of inactivity. Every time you access the app the 14days starts again so if you use regularly you will remain logged in

Q – How can I keep my account secure and enter my password each time?

Just remember to hit “sign-out” on the menu to prompt your username and password every time you use the app

Q – Can I add more than 1 type of availability

Yes, you can, click the “+” button on the day of the week you have already added some for and you can select another type

Q – What is the difference between booked and worked shifts?

Booked are shifts today or in the future and worked are shifts you have completed working previously.